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  1. A one- three-or five-day juice cleanse: This cleanse involves drinking a prescribed juice protocol for each of the days. The goals is to give your digestion a break from constantly digesting solid food, all while providing it with amazing nutritional support from organic and delicious juices. Many people opt to do these cleanses after periods of unhealthy eating, stress, or to improve health by removing foods that work against the body.  There is quite a bit of information about the health benefits of a cleanse/fast out there- and many people find them to be a great reset button.

  2. Cleanse until dinner: this cleanse is falls into the category of an intermittent fast. There is also a great deal of information about this type of eating regimen as a lifesyle and its positive effects on overall health, metabolism, and energy levels. Please read about and research intermittent fasting - as there are several ways to accomplish this goal. Also please research its benefits to determine if intermiitent fasting is right for you - it is truly a promising solution to many health concerns. In this cleanse/fast, juice and liquids are all that is consumed until dinner time when you can have a "normal" meal. Usually 3 juices are consumed, for a total of 300-400 calories.  

  3. The 5:2 cleanse: This cleanse also falls into the category of an intermittent fast - and is just a variation on what is eaten when. Five days a week food is consumed normally. Then on the remaining 2 days (not consecutive) calorie consumption is limited to 25% of energy needs, which is about 500 calories for a typical adult. This cleanse would involve 4-5 juices and/or a bone broth or almond milk that total around 500-600 calories. This allows your body to rest from digestion, reboot, and recharge 2 days a week without interrupting the normal diet the other 5 days.

With all these cleanses, you will find that the juice and/or broth is so nutritious that you will not find yourself hungry. Rather it is a need to crunch and chew that people miss most. Below are our tips for success:



While there is no major preparation required, like anything in life, a little preparation can go a long way. For the best results we recommend:

Three days before the cleanse:

  • Begin phasing out acidic foods such as coffee, sugar, refined starches (bread, white rice and pasta), meat (other than bone broth), dairy and alcohol.

  • Up your intake of fresh fruit, greens, and veggies at every meal

During the cleanse:

  • Stay hydrated - Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated.

  • Take it easy if energy is low - this is a time to reboot.

  • Do yoga, go for a walk and get fresh air, meditate, think positive thoughts, keep a gratitude journal - it is a good time to be mindful and appreciative of good health. 

  • If you HAVE to chew something - opt for water-based veggies like cucumbers or celery sticks. Even a natural chewing gum can help curb the craving to chew.  

After the cleanse:

  • Go slowly when reintroducing food. We recommend light protein and lots of veggies and fruit. A giant steak and five martinis might not be the best choice for your first post-cleanse meal. You will feel lighter, cleaner, and you want that feeling to last. 

  • Make sure to continue to hydrate, drinking eight glasses of water per day.

  • Pat yourself on the back and celebrate your accomplishment, discipline and appreciate your body!