At Vibe we have a fundamental belief that businesses have a responsibility to care for the environment. This belief is a core value of our culture and is woven into the fabric of who we are as a company. These beliefs are rooted in our personal experience- our family has had an organic garden for fifteen years, removed all toxic cleaning chemicals from our home once we became aware of the potential consequences back in 2003, we have composted for almost ten years, and we even did a stint experimenting with vermicomposting - which is composting with worms :). Yes, we are crazy hippies- LOL. We wear that label proudly! So it only stands to follow that when we established Vibe, we wanted to hire a group of people who share our values and mission. We need our awesome VIbe Tribe in order for us to continue to honor our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. It was eye opening so see the amount of packaging and product that flows just through our little store each day, and we did not want this product to end up in a landfill. We at Vibe recognize that we have a responsibility to do the best we can for our planet with each business decision we make. 

In order to reduce our environmental impact, at Vibe we have implemented the following strategies:

Vibe Foods

We source eco-friendly packaging for all of our products. There are a couple basic kinds of products we use: the first (our bowls) are made from a non-BPA plastic that is made of a high percentage of recycled materials. This packaging is also recyclable. The second (our smoothie cups, straws, and spoons) is made from PLA. These products are made from 100% non-GMO plant starch and have a lower carbon footprint on the manufacturing side as they are non-petroleum based. They are also compostable. The last are our paper cups which are compostable as well. We spend up to four times as much on these disposables than we would if we chose the non-compostable/recyclable alternatives, but we believe choosing products that are best for the Earth and our customers are well worth the extra cost.



We have established bins in the store for recycling and composting our disposables. Please make sure to check these out as it is important to put the right items in the right spots!



We have a dedicated recycling company that comes and picks up our recyclable bowls. This company is able to then turn the bowls over into new products to minimize the impact on the environment.



We also have just launched our composting program! This is big news as we are one of very few businesses in our area to do this. We have hired a company to pick up the compostable packaging, veggie and fruit scraps, and coffee grounds that we collect and take it to be turned into compost and fuel. We are excited to be furthering the composting movement in our area as we believe more businesses in Colorado should be composting as well.



We have installed energy efficient equipment in our store, along with a thermostat designed to minimize our use of energy.



We are always looking for more ways to make a difference, like purchasing our fresh produce from local sources daily. Not only does this help the immediate local environment, but it also allows us to provide our customers with the freshest and best tasting product possible.  



Join the Vibe Tribe on our mission to reduce environmental impact and share any ideas you may have for reducing impact even further over our Facebook page!